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How Do I get a quote?
Email us with the quantity you are after for each items, if you have a logo send it also with an indication of placement and we will come back to you with a quote ASAP.

Artwork Quality - what is the best format to supply my logo in?
If your artwork is not up to print standard - we can usually recreate it depending on complexity, cost will usually vary between $20 and $60+Gst.

Essentially, there are two types of graphics Vector and Raster:

- A Vector graphic is usually the preferred format, this is because vector is saved as mathematical equations and can be easily edited and resized withouth compromising on image quality. Typical Vector files include
AI - Adobe Illustrator
CDR - Cored Draw
EPS - Encapsulated postcript
PDF - Vector generated PDF

- Alternatively a Raster graphic can also be used. Raster are made up of grids of pixels (ie pictures) and can't be as easily edited or resized. It's best to supply it in high resolution especially if the print area is substantial as resizing it will make the result highly pixelated and indistinct. Typical Raster files include
JPEG, BMP, GIF, Image on Word doc or Powerpoint.

If you don't have a logo
- you can supply us a font type and we can quickly draft something up for you, however anything outside of an existing font would require the services of a professional graphic designer or from websites such as www.designcrowd.co.nz

I need help with Fitting
You can view sizing dimensions of each product while shopping. All measurements provided are approximate and for reference only. The size conversion chart is a guide only, actual sizing may vary according to the style and fit of the garment.